Starfleet Operations

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Starfleet Operations
General Information
Agency's Role: Operational
Agency Information
Agency Abbreviation: SFOPS
Agency Headquarter Location: Starfleet Headquarters, San Fransisco
Agency Head's Name: Admiral Christopher Lennox
Agency Head Title: Chief of Starfleet Operations
Parent Agencies: Starfleet
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Starfleet Operations is responsible for the deployment and implementation of all Starfleet assets and services. The commanding officer of this office is known as the Chief of Starfleet Operations, a flag officer carrying the rank of at least Vice Admiral. This individual is assisted in his or her duties by a deputy chief, a flag officer holding the rank of at least Rear Admiral. Other top-level brass throughout Starfleet report to this office. Several support personnel who do not hold flag officer rank may be assigned to this office as attaches, advisors, and aides.

Starfleet Operations can issue directives determining forwarded orders to other Starfleet agencies, including the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. The balance of this power is that only the President of the United Federation of Planets, the Federation Security Council, and the Admiralty are allowed to issue mandatory orders to Starfleet Operations