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The Starfleet uses a variety of uniforms, from dress uniforms to duty uniforms, to uniforms for special duties. Most uniforms are color-coordinated to represent the department in which the wearer serves.


Duty uniform

The standard duty uniform is the one worn most frequently.

Flag Officers

Commissioned Officers, Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers & Enlisted Personnel
Dutycmd1.gif Dutysci1.gif Dutyops1.gif
Command, Tactical & JAG Duty Uniform Medical, Counseling, & Science Duty Uniform Operation, Security & Engineering Duty Uniform

Cdtcmd.gif Cdtsci.gif Cdtops.gif
Command, Tactical & JAG Cadet's Duty Uniform Medical, Counseling, & Science Cadet's Duty Uniform Operation, Security & Engineering Cadet's Duty Uniform

Duty Variants
Eng jumpsuit.png Flight suit.png Doctor alt.png Lab coat.png Overcoat.png Jacket.png Tactical-vest.png
Engineering Jumpsuit Fighter Pilot Uniform - Flight Alternate Doctor's Uniform Lab-coat Overcoat Field Jacket Fleet Tactical Vest Variant
Marine Tactical Vest Variant

Mess Dress uniform

Dress uniforms are worn to formal events, with the exception to the Marine Corps Mess Dress; these uniforms come in departmental trim colors.

Officers, Non-Commissioned Officer, & Enlisted
Admiraldress.gif Captdress.gif Officerdress.gif Enlisteddress.gif Marinedress.gif
Admiral's Mess Dress Uniform Captains's Mess Dress Uniform Officer Mess Dress Unifrom Non-Commissioned Officer's and Enlisted Mess Dress Uniform Marine Officer Mess Dress