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The following is a list of official Starship Design templates that have been developed and approved in conjunction with Starfleet R&D

Starship Classifications

During the design process, starships are developed with a particular focus of foci in mind in terms of the role it will be expected to serve. Different cultures have nearly uniform traits built into all of their designs, such as Federation ships being multi-purpose, or Klingon ships having weapons, or Romulan ships having stealth technology, but ultimately each ship class it designed to excel at a particular function or functions above the others it might be capable of.

Cruisers: This is the generic term for a general multi-role vessel that does not have any particular set specialty save for that it almost always will have a comparable tactical ability in addition to it's other specialized systems or functions. As such, most vessels classified as Cruisers, be they Heavy, Medium, or Light, can be called into extended combat service with little to no additional enhancements. Cruisers are designed for extended deployment and thus must be able to maintain a standard cruising speed of Warp 6.

Explorers: A role used almost exclusively by Starfleet, Explorers tend to be large, highly advanced starships able to travel into the frontier while having the optimal chances of successfully surviving whatever they encounter. This means they must be equal parts science vessel and battle cruiser, as well as have enough storage and replacement parts for each of their systems for prolonged missions away from starbases. As the range of the Explorer types are generally much longer than standard Cruisers, they will tend to have more advanced propulsion systems. Due to their durability and tactical advancements common on Explorers, they are often used as fleet flagships during maneuvers.

Surveyors: Also called Science Vessels, the Surveyor-type is a ship that is designed with research and observational study as it's primary focus. These types of ships tend to be smaller than most, and lightly armed, but carry a wide assortment of scientific equipment such as probes and advanced sensor palettes.

Destroyers: Destroyers are light to medium combat-oriented starships built for extended deployment, though generally in groups, with an emphasis on more advanced sublight propulsion and maneuvering systems. As a combat type, Destroyers typically sacrifice auxiliary non-combat systems in favor of heavier or more advanced tactical systems.

Escorts: Filling essentially the same role as Destroyers but on a smaller frame, Escorts have the advantage of requiring less time to build and less crew to operate, while still carrying sufficient firepower to engage ships of considerably heavier tonnage. Due to the small size and the narrow focus of these ships, Escorts tend to have only the bare essentials for the crew and auxiliary systems to allow for the heavy armament. They are not designed for prolonged deployment away from resupply.

Battle Cruisers: Battle Cruisers are cruisers which remove the multi-purpose capability of the standard Cruiser mass type in favor of a larger, if not exclusive, emphasis on tactical systems. To maintain it's classification as a cruiser, however, propulsion systems must still be able to maintain a standard cruising speed of Warp 6.

Frigates: While Destroyers, Escorts, and Battle Cruisers all fill general tactical roles in varying degrees of application, Frigates are designed with deterrent specialties in mind, and each class will generally have it's own particular focus. These can range from anti-fighter defense systems to advanced ECM field generators to tachyon detection nets. Frigates tend to be smaller in size than Cruisers, and are meant to protect larger groups or fleets from a particular threat.

Carriers: Perhaps the most straightforward of the role-types, the Carrier is as the name suggests, a mobile small-craft platform from which said small craft, often fighters or bombers, are berthed and launched. The size of Carriers tends to be bigger than their general tactical equivalents due to the internal space taken up by the larger crew and craft, but it can vary considerably depending on the intended capacity.

Freighters/Transports: These ship types are meant to transport either material goods or living beings from one point to another. Some are designed for speed, others for capacity.

Dual-Purpose/Multi-role: The designations given to starships varies considerably, and often times design finalization will fit more than a single classification. The Director of Reseach and Development is responsible for ensuring that designs approved for prototype or general construction are given the appropriate role designations.

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