Steamrunner class

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Steamrunner Class
Class Information
Role: Frigate
Length: 244 Metres
Width: 160 Metres
Height: 40 Metres
Decks: 9
Warp Rating
Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Maximum Speed: Warp 8.8
Emergency Speed: Warp 9.5
Crew Compliment: 185
Auxiliary Craft




Tactical Systems

4 Type XII Phaser Arrays

Torpedo Launchers:
  • 2 torpedoe tubes (1 fore, 1 aft)
  • 2 pulse fire quantum launchers (Fore)
Torpedo Compliment:
  • Photon (300)
  • Quantum (400)

Auto modulated 6-Axis Shield Grid (fore, aft, dorsal, ventral, starboard and port)

Other Systems:

Ablative Hull Armor

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Basic Description

The Steamrunner class has been the backbone of Starfleet's attack force for almost fifty years. A resilient and hardy ship, designed during the borg threat.

She's bigger than a Defiant class and heavily armed, but has absolutely no scientific credentials whatsoever, and was built with system defense and fleet support as its only design features. Crew comfort was a distant second, and is one of the few ships in service that does not feature a holodeck for her crew, 8 berth bunk rooms for her enlisted crew, and small 'cupboard' size rooms for her officers. The captain's suite is comparable to the most junior officer's quarters on a light cruiser.

Space was sacrificed for internal comfort to make space for the massive ordinance that this ship carries, and is therefore designed to be berthed more than she's out in space.

A patrol ship if ever there was one.

Known Starships

  • USS Karakoram
  • USS Hiroshima
  • USS Nakamura
  • USS Shizoku