Stormy O'Brien

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Stormy O'Brien
Biographical Information

New Orleans, North America, Earth


Human, Indigo Child




November 1, 2383 (age: 37)


6 Brothers, 3 Sisters

Physical Description

205.08cm (5'2")







Political Information



USS Cortana


Commanding Officer

Played By:


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Service Record

  • Assigned to USS Cortana 240806.04
    • Chief Science Officer
    • Executive Officer
    • Commanding Officer
  • Assigned to StarFleet Academy
    • Command School
    • Training Instructor SOT
    • Senior Instructor SOT/XOT
    • Professor SOT/XOT/CO
    • Acting Cmd School Dean
    • Acting CMDT
    • Cmd School Dean
    • DCMDT Star Fleet Academy

Ranks and Promotions

File:N-o2.png Promoted to Lieuenant JG SD 240806.01
File:N-o3.png Promoted to Lieutenant SD 240904.09
File:N-o4.png Promoted to Lieutenant Commander SD 240908.27
File:N-o5.png Promoted to Commander SD 241003.14
File:N-o6.png Promoted to Captain SD 241305.14
File:N-o6.png Promoted to Captain (OOC/SFA) SD 241208.11
File:N-a1.png Promoted to Commodore (OOC/SFA) SD 241305.16
File:N-a2.png Promoted to Rear Admiral(OOC/SFA) SD 241407.21

Starfleet Academy Awards Given by Cmdt Jim Scott

SD 241208.30
Friend.png Friendship award SD 241208.30
Atlascrossrib.gif Atlass Cross for Service SD 241208.30

Personal History


  • Parents
    • Father: Captain John Michael O’Brien Retired.
    • Mother: Lilly Aoife Dal Cassian
  • Brother(s)
    • Father Kevin James O'Brien-43
    • Commander Merrick John O'Brien-40 CMO USS Wellington
    • Liam Aidan O'Brien -37 Chief Steward O'Brien Vineyards
    • Duane Odell O'Brien- 34 Wine Maker
    • Tracy Ian O'Brien -31 Architect
    • Lt. Colonel Gavin Desmond O'Brien-22 Wing Commander USS Midway (Stormy's Twin)
  • Sister(s)
    • Siobhan Marie -20 Art Major LSU
    • Kiley Ann -18 StarFleet Medical Academy
    • Reagan Erin -13 is happily undecided.

Family of Notabilty

  • CMO Dr.Etain Dal Cassian retired.
    • Served on USS Savannah Baton Rouge Class NCC 1429
    • Great Grandmother –94 years young
  • CMO Dr. Mackinsey O’Brien retired.
    • Great-Grandmother 104 years young
  • CMO Dr. Tiarnan Owain Dal Cassian Retired.
    • Grandfather
  • Captain John Michael O’Brien Retired.
    • Starbase Captain
    • Father
  • CMO/Commander Merrick John O’Brien
    • currently serving aboard the USS Wellington. Older Brother.
  • Lt. Colonel Gavin Desmond O’Brien
    • Starfleet Marine USS Midway.(Twin Brother)

Physical Description

Ivory complexion, her eyes are violet-blue they appear to hold ancient mysteries of the universe. Full lips, long auburn hair, and freckles over the bridge of her nose. Petite, athletic build.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

  • Stormy Caitlynn O'Brien is self-reliant, responsible, fun loving, sassy and brilliant. A quick study with strong intuition. Thinks both in the box and outside of it. She's team player who's not afraid to take the lead when necessary. She'll ask the hard questions and expect answers. Questions all authority but follows orders to the letter. Loyal
  • Stormy comes from a long line of Starfleet Officers and crewman. She joined Starfleet when she was 19 as commissioned officer.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Strengths:
    • Love of family, Loyal, Diplomatic skills, survival skills, and an curious open mind.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Curious open mind. Issues with travel by transporter.


  • To show no fear in the face of the enemy, to be brave that her God and family will love her. To speak the truth always even if it may lead to her death, to safeguard the helpless and to do no wrong. The above tempers her desire:
  • To make a significant contribution to Science.
  • To discover the history of the people, culture, motivation and the intent of the alien who invades her life far too often.

Hobbies & Interests

    • Maximillian aka Captain Max. Max adopted Stormy.
    • Sailing
  • Quirks: She talks to inanimate objects and to Max.
  • Quotes: "Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality."

-Carl Sagan-


Stormy comes from a big bustling Irish family. John and Miss Lily celebrated their 50th anniversary this year. Stormy is oldest girl in a family of twelve. -Responsible, fun loving, sassy and brilliant. A quick study.

Her immediate family resides on a vineyard and farm just outside of New Orleans. As a child she played with her brothers and sisters and went to school in the kitchen where they were taught by her mother, father (when home on leave) and great -grandparents. Education began early in life in the O’Brien home.

From her father she learned to show no fear in the face of her enemy, to be brave and upright that her god will love her. To speak the truth always, to safe guard the helpless and to do no wrong. From her brothers and sisters –diplomacy, to remain cool under fire, to stand her ground and survival skills. From her great-grandma Etain to speak fluent Klingon and Vulcan. She thinks the Vulcan’s are highly illogical. Stormy picks up languages with ease. (The mun does not.)

Her family are her greatest teachers, closest companions, and harshest critics. Most of the Family O'Brien keep their feet on planet earth but a few of them had stars in their eyes from birth and saw far beyond the horizons of Earth. Stormy was one of those. With her grandfathers sextant she plotted the stars and discovered her calling.

At age 11 Stormy was chosen from a pool of applicants for a two-year school at an Observatory in the Amazon Rain Forest, by day the children learned about animal husbandry and released parrots and other wildlife into the forests. Except for Max. No one could make him leave the camp. He just kept coming back. He adopted Stormy. (Max is an 11 year old scarlet macaw parrot that goes nearly everywhere with his Stormy.) At night she learned Astronomy and astrophysics.

While studying in the Amazon a Starfleet recruiter took note of several children and impressed by two. She’s pretty sure family and friends had something to do with a recruiter finding them. Stormy had her first encounter with an Alien race there also. She doesn’t talk about it often and would like to forget about the experience. The Alien waits and watches.

The fall following graduation from the Amazon Observatory found her engrossed in studies LSU. In her free time Stormy loves to sail- to plot by the stars sometimes she would just lay in the bottom of an old flat bottom boat and float along the bayou looking up at the stars thinking on theories the professors taught in school. It is said that she wrote her thesis while adrift. Four months before her 18th birthday, Stormy graduated Magna Sum Laude.

Then off to Starfleet Academy where she excelled in the fields of Astrobiology, Astrophysics, Paranormal Science and Xenon Philosophy. She rose in rank slowly because of her studies and then teaching. By her 21st birthday, Stormy attained a double PhD in Astrobiology and Astrophysics with a minor in Xenon philosophies She can plot a map through many different star systems while debating the creation of the planet and system.


  • 2386 - 2391 Home School
  • 2391 - 2393 Botany/Ornothology Program
  • Peru, Brazil, Northern California, Oregon and Washington.
    • Hands on experience for kinesic learners re-introducing 18th-20th century plants to the rainforests.
  • 2393 - 2395 Youth Astrophyics and Miscellanious programs
    • Starbase 240 Kohlan System Astrophysics and Xenobiology Programs.
    • Vulcan Academy of Science Program for Gifted Children of the Federation.
  • 2395 - 2397 Youth Challenge
    • Leadership program
    • Volunteer Service
  • 2397 - 2401 University of Louisiana at New Orleans
  • StarFleet Academy