Tamara Akasy

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Tamara Akasy
Biographical Information







2379 (age 42)

(Stardate 237904.04)
Physical Description

182 cm


80 kg


Dark Brown


Emerald Green

Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet







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Commander Tamara Akasy is currently retired from service and living among her family on her homeworld of Hirumaria while she raises her five cubs.

Basic Informations

Physical Description

The Hirumarians are a race of anthropoid felines, bearing many features of their animalistic counterparts. Tamara has been described as resembling an anthropomorphic tigress.

She is covered in fur, which has a rusty-brown color, with pure black stripes on most of her body. The exceptions being her lower jaw, chest, belly and tailtip, which are creamy white. She has large round feline ears, a broad muzzle much like a feral tiger, with sharp and pointy fangs and nearly transparent whiskers, and her eyes have a slit-like iris. Her hair are kept at shoulder-length.

Her hands looks like a good compromise between a paw and a human hand. She has only four fingers, included an opposable thumb, with retractable claws. Her hands have small pads, much smaller than that of a feral tiger, covering part of her palms and fingers. Tamara also have a long thick tail covered in the same fur than the rest of her body.

Her leg structure is more feral than human, yet it allows her to move with equal ease on her legs or on all fours, though she usually prefers the first. Her foot looks more like big paws, with big toes and sharp retractile claws too.

She looks younger than she is, about 20 in standard years, when compared with humans. The few who knows enough about Hirumarians know that their physical appearance can't be trusted, as with the Vulcans.

More informations about her species can be found here.


  • Spouse: Lieutenant Sven Denterius, active StarFleet Officer, Strategic Operations, Subfleet 97, Hirumaria, Hirumarian Sector.
  • Children: 5 cubs born in 2411
  • Father: Augur Akasy, astronomer for the Hirumarian government, 52.
  • Mother: Xilaya Akasy, astronomer for the Hirumarian government, 49.
  • Brothers: Nyrtym Akasy, independent trader, and Arwhan Akasy, starship engineer for the Hirumarian government, both 29.
  • Sisters: Meina Akasy, mother taking care of her young children, 29.
  • Other Family: Kylla and Kally Akasy, orphan real-twins of the panther sub-species, adopted by her parents. 21, member of the Hirumarian StarForces.


General Overview

Tamara is a friendly and quite curious person, always eager to meet new and interesting people, share experiences with them, make friends and discover new things. This played a big role when she decided to enlist into StarFleet instead of her home planet\'s star forces. She will often approach unknown people whom she deems as \'interesting\'. What criteria she uses to classify someone as \'interesting\' remains a mystery, and seems to depend upon a nearly infinite number of factors, including her mood. As they say: your mileage may vary.

She will also try to bond with her workmates, for she believes that knowing them in such a way improves the efficiency of the whole team, which, in turn, improves the efficiency of the whole facility/starship/starbase. She sees StarFleet as some sort of a big family, and she\'ll try to become very close to the crewmens and officers she works regularly with, often ending up considering them as \'soul brothers\' or \'soul sisters\' of her. But she\'ll also be very welcoming and friendly to anyone from the Fleet, even if that person is just passing by Zetari; after all, even distant cousins deserves a warm welcome! This can sometimes be misinterpreted, and lead to awkward situations, but she learnt to deal with it.

Though the tigress is friendly and welcoming, she\'s not that gullible; she wouldn\'t be in StarFleet if she was; and anyone thinking she is is up for a big and unfortunate surprise. In the same way, anyone stepping on her toes or tail too much would have to pay the price, in a quite painful way. She isn\'t a tigress for nothing...

Strengths and weaknesses

Her most obvious weakness, which can also be a strength at time, is her natural curiosity. It can lead her away of her duties, and into places and situations she should never have ran into in the first place. She has received a couple of formal reprimands from her instructors for such behavior over the course of her studies at the Academy. Fortunately for her, none of her explorations led to any serious troubles, be it for her or anyone else.


To make a good job on Zetari and show everyone that she deserves her rank and post. She doesn't really have a career plan per se, she'll see what happens and go with it. Both on the professional and personal levels.

She has a new ambition since recently, or, rather a wish: to be able to keep both her beloved mate, who is the station's Chief of Strategic Operations, and her position as Executive Officer. StarFleet usually frowns upon such relationships, which will not make her life any easier.

Hobbies and Interests

She loves nature, and spend as much time as she can in natural areas. She\'d often be seen in parks or arboretums, as environments recreated in holodecks aren\'t real. Though, she enjoys the occasional activity in holodeck-recreated environments, such as trekking in stunning places located on distant worlds, or even hunting using only her natural skills and weapons.

Tamara likes to dye her hair and fur, testing various patterns and color, sometimes going to great lengths to achieve the desired effects, and sometimes making big changes in her external appearance. It\'s akin to tattoos, but one of the good things of being covered with fur is that the dye can always be removed. The bad side is that dyeing fur requires much more work that tattooing skin. She went through some extravaganzas when she was younger, but she quickly learned to tone it down when she entered the Academy.

She also believes in the existence of spirits controlling the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and void), and one superior spirit that controls them, the Mother Nature. It\'s some kind of a personal faith, more than a religion, despite the fact is shared by some people back on her homeworld. She will never talk about it openly, though she\'d answer if she\'s asked about it, as she believes everyone must find their own way.

She loves music, and she is quite skilled with a guitar. She loves music with a good rhythm, like Earth Rock'n'Roll, and similar kind of music. She don't have many occasions to play guitar though, but she did participated in several bands, when she was on her homeworld. She also thought about getting into the band of the Academy, but the formal music played by the band drove her away. She loved the rock version of the Federation Anthem one of the students created, but there was no way they'd play that during an official event. Too bad...


Federation standard, Hirumarian.


Personal History

Born on Hirumaria, the homeworld of her species, on StarDate 237904.04. She had a mostly uneventful childhood. As both her parents were astronomers, she acquired a love for the stars at a very young age. Stars are something unseen on her homeworld\'s skies, due to it\'s location in the heart of a quite dense nebula. She was taken with them on several of their research trips outside the nebula, and she decided, at a very young age, that she\'d go explore the stars when she\'d grew. She stuck on the idea, and applied for StarFleet when she was of age, instead of choosing the Hirumarian StarForces, like most people expected her to. Her choice was based on a simple fact: the StarForces were used mainly to ensure the safety of the Hirumarians, and only patrolled the nebula, while StarFleet had this nice exploration policy that matched her dreams so well.

After her years at the Academy, she took a brief leave to see her family, then she was assigned to Starbase 204-A, Zetari Station, as Acting Operations Officer. She was promoted to Ensign soon after her arrival, and became a real Operations Officer, much to her surprise and pleasure.

After the Mjolnir returned from her last mission, she was in dire need of repairs. Given the shortage in personnel and her good file, Tamara was put in charge of fixing the vessel. Even though she thought that, given how badly damaged the Akira class starship was, it should have been better and easier to mothball it and build a new one from scratch, she did her best to have the ship back up to specs and running as soon as possible. It should take about eight months before completion, and has already proven to be quite a tricky matter to deal with.

Being a quite friendly person, she quickly made friends on board, and soon became part of the big family that is Zetari. However, she missed to realize that most males she came in contact with, including some crewmembers from the Enterprise battlegroup who came to Zetari for a shore-leave, would have been very happy to take the friendship a step further and take her into their beds. The feline has views on two males right at the moment: Major Seth Teal, the StratOps officer who was the first to offer her his friendship; and PO2 Dakota Silvermist, the only other talking animal on the crew, with whom she already shared quite an adventure in the holodeck.

On Stardate 240805.17, Tamara got captured by the Dominion, along with about 30.000 of Zetari\'s crew. They were rendered unconscious and beamed aboard a giant holoship unknowingly to them. After several strange events, she was the first to come with the theory that they where in a holoship, something everyone soon agreed upon after some more failed tests and experiments. Several briefings later, they came up with a plan to try to blast their way out.

Things didn\'t really went as expected though. They had to fend off through hoards of Jem\'Hadars, and she gave a demonstration of her impressive fighting abilities with her bare paws when Jemmies appeared on Main Ops out of nowhere. The fact she has claws did helped a lot though. Then she went to the bridge of the Dominion holoship, once Security had secured it, to try and take control of the ship, and help get everyone back home safely.

Although she couldn\'t understand Dominionese, being an engineer helped her understand the schematics and diagrams displayed on the consoles, thus she managed to gain enough of a grasp of the systems to get control of the critical systems. While StarFleet fought the cruisers escorting the huge holoship, she couldn\'t do much but watch and pray the behemoth will hold together until everyone was safely back to the real Zetari. It was a close call, but she managed to make the ship hold long enough to have everyone beamed back home, although two personnel were lost in a horrible transporter accident at the last moment, something that shook her.

Upon returning to the station, Commodore Kaye ordered that every officer abducted to the holo-Zetari had an interview with a Counselor. Tamara complied, and here is the psychological evaluation by the Counselor who interviewed her:

Crew Psychological Evaluation --------------------------------

Name: Tamara Akasy Rank: Acting Lieutenant Department: Station Operations, Department Head Evaluation Date: SD 240808.20 Status: CLEARED FOR FULL DUTY

I met with Lieutenant Akasy and she is a bright and articulate officer. She has a friendly manner and is easily approachable. She is well grounded and appears to be functioning well. She did discuss some issues of being over-worked, particularly after the attack by the Dominion, but her coping strategies seem adequate. We discussed making sure that she has enough staff to support her in her department.

She has extracurricular interests including playing the guitar and singing and was recently involved in a rock concert for the residents of Zetari. During this concert she did display some exhibitionist tendencies by wearing a very skimpy and tight costume, but I believe this was more to do with the character of a rock star that she was portraying rather than any inappropriate personal behaviour. Apart from playing and singing music, she enjoys spending time with her pet and visiting the arboretum to relax. She is fun-loving and playful with her friends, but equally professional with her colleagues.

She has been getting to know various crew members on Zetari on a personal basis and these relationships appear to be positive and appropriate. She tells me she has been approached romantically by more than one person, but she feels strongly that such a relationship should be monogamous and lifelong so consequently, she is taking her time in deciding about a partner. I agree that this is a very sensible approach. Otherwise, she is sociable and easy to make friends with.

Lieutenant Akasy appears confident in her abilities and seems to be managing her department well. She did not discuss any difficulties with her subordinates with me, and as such, I presume there are none. She was open and honest in our interactions and did not appear in any distress. Her communication style seems straight-forward although she can be somewhat guarded about personal information. In a non-counselling environment, this would be seen as keeping healthy boundaries.

In conclusion, I can find no reason that Lieutenant Akasy should not remain on Full Duty in her current assignment as Chief of Station Operations. She is always free to see me should the need arise but otherwise, her next evaluation will be scheduled according to the standard schedule of assessment for senior officers.

Signed: Dr. Alexandra Wilparme-Preston Position: Chief Counsellor Date: SD 240808. 20

During the weeks following the return to Zetari, Tamara had her paws full. She had to deal with the consequences of the abduction and the short-lived space battle that took place while they were escaping. Plus, of course, with the personal repercussions, but she did managed to deal with that quite well, as proven by the above psychological evaluation. She also participated in a big surprise concert, with her friends Xande, Trisa and Sven.

They set it up together, in secret. No even the Command Team knew about it. The fact that Tamara was Chief of Operations did helped them a lot, to prepare everything, set up the stage, repeat and such, all the while keeping the secret. Then, when the day came, the whole stage was beamed into the Promenade, and they sung and danced for hours, in front of a crowd so big that the Promenade and the surrounding corridors where filled with people.

The creation of ShipYards Operations did removed a good deal of work from her paws, yet she did asked Commander Donzall, the new Chief of ShipYards Operations, to be authorized to keep working on the Mjolnir. She had put a lot of time and effort on that ship, and she wanted to finish the job. The Commander agreed.

It is also during this time that her relationship with Ensign Sven Denterius evolved beyond friendship. Sven had been in love of the feline for quite some time, and Tamara had some feelings from him, beyond pure friendship, but she never really thought about it. It took some nudges from him, and a fair amount of thinking, but she finally realized that she did loved him too. They choose to keep that a secret for the moment, to avoid gossip, knowing full well that it can't last very long.

On Stardate 240808.17, the sensors of the station detected some instabilities on the Spinward Wormhole, one of the two lifelines between Zetari and the rest of the Federation. An Away Team was sent to investigate the wormhole, and Sven was part of is, which meant they got separated almost as soon as they declared their love for each other.

On Stardate 240809.23, after about a month of study, it was decided to send some reinforcements to the Away Team, in the form of the Defiant-Class USS Minerva, to cross the Spinward Wormhole and try to 'fix it' from the other side. However, the aliens inhabiting the the wormhole, known as the Sorellis, and describing themselves as the 'descendants of the Zetarians', decided not to allow passage to the small fleet of ships, and sent them back tumbling to Zetari V. They would discover later that they have also be sent back in time.

After spending some time struggling on the surface of the planet, to recover the two Tesla shuttles used by the Away Team, and the Away Team members, the crew discovered that the planet is inhabited by a pre-warp civilization. Then it's a race against time to avoid any cultural contamination, and any serious breach of the Prime Directive. The Minerva was fixed and took off just before members of the primitive species stumbled upon it.

Then they are sent back home by the Sorellis, before being able to recover the second Teslas, which is then returned to them by the Kirmanis, the species living on Zetari V, about a hundred years after the shuttle was lost on the planet.

Once back to Zetari Station, Tamara was promoted to full Lieutenant, and Sven and her decided to move into shared quarters, thus 'coming out of the closet', so to speak, and clearly showing to everyone the bond that links them. Sven having been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Chief of Strategic Operations, due to the departure of Major Teal, the previous Chief of StratOps, the two lovers can get one of the biggest shared quarters available on the station.

R&R was a welcome respite, after all they've been through. Her relationship with Sven continued to grow stronger and deeper, and the two began talking about marriage and having children, though, the children part was for later in the future, as both had their careers. However, even during R&R, life isn't dull on Zetari.

A subspace tear appeared not too far from Zetari, and a badly damaged ship appeared through it. It turned out that said ship was the USS Cortez, who vanished into another dimension a few years ago. Tamara was part of the Away Team who was sent to investigate the ship, and confirm that it was indeed the Cortez, and not a decoy or a trap set by the Second Dominion. Once that was confirmed, the ship was towed into drydock on Zetari for repairs.

Not too long after the Cortez appeared, the teams studying the captured Dominion Cruiser, led by Sven, as he was Chief of Strategic Operations, discovered plans for an attack of Zetari Station, using the knowledge they gained during the short stay of a third of the crew on the holoship. The plans were very thoroughly thought out, and sued every bit of knowledge on the Federation officers, thus making the Dominion forces able to predict how they would react in case of an attack.

Further investigation revealed more about the plan, including the rendezvous point for the small fleet of Dominion Cruisers which was supposed to attack the starbase. A plan is quickly devised to counter this threat, and a team of selected officers, including Tamara, is sent on the captured Cruiser toward Dominion space. They will use it as a Trojan Horse, to infiltrate the Dominion Fleet at the meeting point, and disable it using a computer virus designed by Sven, which should also erase all and every bit of informations the Dominion gained during the holoship incident.

The plan is a success, but their escape is compromised when the Vorta in charge of the fleet send out a distress call, bringing reinforcements. However, having foreseen that the escape of the Trojan Horse would probably not be as easy than the infiltration, Commodore Kaye and Captain Triss had secretly gathered a small task force of StarFleet ship, and where waiting near the Jenkata Nebula.

An heroic battle ensued, which saw the complete destruction of the Dominion forces, and the StarFleet ships taking quite a beating, but they managed to save the whole away team. Soon after that, they are all back to the station, and Tamara is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. The war ended a little later, when a ceasefire is signed between the Federation Alliance and the Dominion.

While they enjoy a well deserved R&R, as always, Tamara is called to Captain Triss' office, who offers her the post of Second Officer. The feline accepts the role, and is soon taking shifts on Main Ops, while still keeping her duties as Chief of Operations.

A little later, the Mjolnir is finally relaunched, after being completely repaired, and Tamara leads the flight tests. The ship is declared fit for duty again, and a celebration takes place with everyone who gave a hand into the repair operation.

On Stardate 240903.30, StarFleet Command finally approved Project Watchtower, and Tamara led a team to the Jenkata Nebula, to deploy a series of probes around the nebula. Watchtower had officially been dubbed as a scientific project by Command, but it was still clear, for those who knew how to read past the official wording, that this project was intended to keep an eye on the Dominion territories, and cover a blind spot in Zetari's sensors.

It took about a month to deploy the probes, plus a few weeks to cover the distance between Zetari and the Jenkata Nebula. But it wasn't time lost, as Tamara and Sven where in the same runabout, alone, and thus they used this time to really get to know each other. It was a bit like an unexpected R&R or leave for them, and it only served to strengthen and deepen their bond and their love for each other.

Some time after their return from the nebula, the station's power grid began to experience minor fluctuations. The whole stations was affected, and, despite their best efforts, the Operations crew couldn't get rid of them. It drove Tamara a bit nuts, as it didn't made any sense, and no engineer could find the cause.

Soon after that, people started acting strangely. It wasn't noticed at first, but tempers flared more easily, suspicions began to arouse between people, and fights would erupt more often. Strange orders were given from Main Operations: the Black Star, back from a supply run, was denied from docking, while an unknown shuttle was personally authorized by Captain Triss. Two attempts on the life of Commodore Kaye, both of which nearly succeeded, achieved to prove that something wasn't right.

It was soon found out that the energy fluctuations were in fact energy lifeforms, and that they were actually not only affecting the systems of Zetari, but also one of the source of the strange behaviors, as they messed up with the brainwaves patterns of the crew and civilians. The other source was a foul smelling plant brought by the unknown shuttle, which Captain Triss was really found of. It produced some form of mutating pollen that only increased the effect of the energy lifeforms on people's brainwaves.

Oddly, Tamara didn't seemed to be contaminated. The CMO, Doctor Aella Garan theorized that it might be because Tamara's brain pattern was too different from the rest of the crew, perhaps because of her species. However, Sven was, and quite badly: he tried to physically assault her on her office, forcing her to defend herself. Then, after a very brief and awkward fight, he had an emotional breakdown. He was brought to the Infirmary and rendered unconscious after he became highly paranoid.

A race against time soon began, with Tamara and a few others trying to find a cure, while Captain Triss, after a loud dispute with Commodore Kaye in the pit of Main Ops, began staging a mutiny. It was a very short call, as Captain Triss moved before the cure was ready. He and his team of insurgents took over Main Ops, neutralized the Commodore and the crew of Main Operations, and began trying to take down the rest of the station using anesthezine released via the environmental systems. A short-lived, but quite intense, battle erupted on two fronts: Security tried to take Main Ops back physically, while Main Engineering did their best to restrict access to the computer system to any one of the mutineers.

Fortunately, the modifications to the stations' systems were soon completed, and allowed to cure everyone, by broadcasting a high-frequency signal through the RF emitters located throughout the station, to drive the energy lifeforms away from the systems and minds, while the environmental systems neutralized the mutant pollen. Soon enough, everyone and everything returned to their normal state.

On Stardate 240910.13, a shuttle from an archaeological expedition arrived at Zetari, carrying injured personnel, among whom was Commodore Triss' sister. The archaeologists were very uncooperative, and refused to answer to any questions. Nevertheless, it would soon be found out that said expedition was involved in not so legal stuff, and was responsible for bringing the Orbs on board.

A black ops is quickly put up, to bring the Orbs back to where they belong, as they still are a danger to Zetari, even contained in one of the empty decks, and it is planned to happen during the shakedown cruise of the Mjolnir. The Akira class departs in a haste with a skeleton crew, missing the arrival of a Federation Fleet Liaison named Andrews by mere minutes.

During the preparations for the mission, Sven had to leave to Bajor in a hurry. He didn't, couldn't tell anything to Tamara, and just left her an odd clue: 'Ferengis' written using his socks. Such a hasty departure was unexpected, and she was sad to see him go, but she couldn't, nor would she, force him to stay. Tamara knew that he wouldn't leave her if ti wasn't overly important.

Soon, it turns out that the Andrews is in fact here to retrieve everything pertaining to the Orbs and the archaeological expedition, and the crew of the station, including all of the senior staff, does their utmost to prevent it and delay Andrews as much as possible, until he decides to give chase to the Mjolnir. While his ship is closing on the Mjolnir, he informs Tamara that Triss and Kaye have left the station, and that she is the new XO, and Ryan Edwards the new CO.

Tamara is quite doubtful, and the conversation is cut short after he got on her nerves once too much. Edwards seems as doubtful, but the missions, both official and unofficial, must be carried to their ends. A plan is devised to confuse the enemy, involving sending both Teslas out. The Isis, Andrews' ship, soon joins the Mjolnir, but he's too late: one of the Tesla, under authority of Tamara, with Garan Retsu and James Preston, had found the site of the archeologist's base camp.

They arrive just in time to watch the archaeologist loose control over the experiment they where running on the orbs, and their base get vaporized, along with the shuttles carrying them away. The Tesla releases the orbs that where carried to Zetari, to avoid the same fate, though they do not avoid being heavily damaged. They're saved by the Mjolnir, which brings them back to Zetari without any trouble.

Upon returning, Tamara and Ryan find out that the promotion is legit, and that Triss left with his sister, while Kaye was promoted as some sort of ambassador. The change was very sudden and unexpected, and adapting wasn't easy, but Tam quickly grew into the role, helped by the fact she had been 2O for months now.

As is usual on Zetari, life barely has time to return to routine, with everyone settling back into their roles, than the unexpected comes knocking at the door. And it knocked quite hard this time: a civilian transport, the Chronos, exploded right after leaving dock, resulting in damages to the station and several injuries and fatalities.

An investigation is immediately launched, and matters get worst when an unexploded device, similar the one that caused the explosion of the Chronos, is found on the dock. However, Tamara has other matters to attend to, and quite troubling ones, when it is reported to Command that she seems to have attacked a crewmember, who also happens to be one of Tamara's Academy friend.

Edwards puts Tam on administrative leave and launches an unofficial investigation on the matter, while the majority of the crew focuses on the Chronos' explosion and the resulting mess. A crewmen is murdered later on, and evidences seems to point as Tamara as the likely assassin. However, after more investigation it is found out that the culprit is another Hirumarian masquerading as her.

Both investigations fonds their conclusions together, when the wannabe terrorists, a Bolian and a Kirmani, try to take hostage a team of Zetari's crewmember, and leave the station by stealing the ship owned by Tamara's impostor. Security shows up right on time and has everyone arrested after a very brief fight.

After a brief pause, the crew is sent back to the Jenkata Nebula to try and get more informations on the Orbs. This new contact with the Orbs does not lead to a new episode of paranoia and mutiny, but it nevertheless results in the Mjolnir being severely crippled, and several crewmembers ending up unconscious or wounded when gravity fails on the ship. A buoy is placed in orbit of the Orbs' world, as per Fleet orders, before the Mjolnir get out of the Nebula, protected by the same Orbs that disabled it, and has to be towed back by a civilian transport.

Medical History

Stardate 240807.14: Treated for minor injuries (bruises, cuts and burns) sustained while fighting Jem\'Hadar soldiers on an holographic recreation of Zetari, set up by the Dominion.

Stardate 240808.20: Passed Psychological evaluations following the Holoship Incident. Declared fit for duty.

Stardate 240808.27: Treated for a torn tendon below the knee. Injury sustained during personal training. Will require several days of physiotherapy.

Stardate 240810.28: Treated for mild poisoning caused by the absorption of toxic foreign proteins. An antidote has been created and administered, and cleaned her system in a matter of hours.

Stardate 240812.11: Passed medical check-up with flying colors. Declared fit for duty.

Stardate 240902.24: Treated for a minor wound (very localized third degree burn and minor bleeding) sustained during the evacuation of the captured Dominion Cruiser dubbed the Trojan Horse.

Stardate 241001.04: Treated for a laceration to her left paw, made by broken glass.

Service Record

StarDate 2404xx.xx : Applied to StarFleet Academy on Earth.

StarDate 2408xx.xx : Graduated from the Academy.

StarDate 240804.05 : First assignment on Starbase 204-A, Zetari Station, as Acting Operations Officer.

StarDate 240804.24 : Promoted to Ensign by Captain Julianna Kaye

Official comment (SIM report): \"It\'s always a joy when a new cadet comes aboard and joins the ranks of our family. But, it\'s a rarity when she jumps right in and is able to write as though she\'s been a member for years. For her high quality logs and personable commitment to the SIM, it\'s my privilege to remove those bars and award her with a solid pip.\"

Captain\'s comment during the Awards Ceremony: \"We\'re a crazy bunch, but we\'re glad you\'ve decided to join our ranks. Call it intuition,\" she turned and eyed Garth, \"from a couple of experienced commanders, but we know you\'re going to do great things here.\"

StarDate 240807.18 : Promoted to Acting Lieutenant and Chief of Station Operations by Commodore Julianna Kaye

Official comment (SIM report): "Our resident 'feline' officer has the energy of a kitten but the skills of a cougar. Tamara has done nothing but impress us since the moment she arrived aboard and for her enthusiasm, talent and dedication I am proud to make her acting Lieutenant. She is more than deserving of the rank, and simultaneous promotion to Chief of Station Operations. Tamara, I'm sure that you will continue to impress and one day run a SIM of your own!"

Commodore\'s comment during the Awards Ceremony: "Each and everyone of the officers standing in front of you, has gone above and beyond in their duties. Their efforts are continual and consistently above par. It is my privilege," she turned slightly towards the officers, "as your commanding officer, to promote each and every one of you." Stepping down she, took the new rank insignia and placed them on Sven and Tamara. Then, she gave solid pips to Ryan and Paul. She smiled at each and stated softly, "Thank you all for your service. I mean that, personally." [...] "You have both demonstrated innate abilities to organize, serve and lead; all of these skills are essential when taking over a department. Lieutenant Preston, I am pleased to award you with complete control of the counseling department, and Lieutenant Akasy, Station Operations is now yours."

StarDate 240811.03: Promoted to Lieutenant by Commodore Julianna Kaye

Official Comment (Sim Report): "ll I have to say about our feline friend is, it’s about time. Lieutenant Akasy has had a continuous positive impact on our SIM. She is a talented writer and budding command team member. Thank you for your continued service to Zetari and congratulations on this well deserved promotion!"

Captain Triss' comments during the Award Ceremony: "Acting Lieutenant Akasy..." The XO nodded and smiled at the furry officer. "You are in need of losing the 'acting' bars." Stepping up and removing the old rank insignia and pinning two solid pips in it's place. "You have presented yourself as an outstanding Starfleet officer on... most occasions. It's a pleasure to let you keep the privileges and responsibilities of said rank." Resisting the urge to tug in her whiskers Garth continued. "Furthermore you are awarded the Dual Ribbon and the Star Cross For Merit for your work aboard the USS Minerva. And finally, for your service to Starfleet and to Zetari Station, the Meritorious Service Medal. "Congratulations Kit... Lieutenant!"

StarDate 240903.01: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Commodore Julianna Kaye

Official Comment (Sim Report): "Tam has been an intriguing writer since her first log. This promotion is overly deserved and there are undoubtedly more to come. Her passion for writing logs is apparent each and every week. I look forward to serving with you for many moons to come!"

Comments from Commodore Kaye and Captain Triss during the Award Ceremony: "I am truly pleased to see you standing in front of me today, Lieutenant." Juls smiled and took out the first small box, "Since your first day on duty we, I speak for Captain Triss and myself, noticed something special about you. You have served with passion and vigor. Your work is outstanding and we as a command team are pleased to promote you to Lieutenant Commander," she took out the black pip and placed it on her collar.

"Congratulations, Commander." Juls began the first round of applause.

Applauding as well Garth stepped up next to his CO "Additionally... It's our pleasure to award you the Preantares Ribbon as well as the Star Cross For Merit for your services to Starfleet and this Starbase." Pinning cross and ribbon on the furry officer’s chest he nodded at the feline, pinning it tightly in place "Congratulations, Commander."

StarDate 240909.15: Promoted to Commander by Commodore Julianna Kaye

Official Comment (Sim Report): "Commander Akasy is a unique breed of SIMmer, one who manages to take up neverending tasks and responsibilities yet consistently perform enthusiastically. This is one of the many reasons why we are proud to serve with her on Zetari Station. She is always willing to help out the command team with routine and extraneous responsibilities (ranging from the weekly plot sum to responding to crew inquiries). Her logs are both entertaining and duty-filled, which is a rare and exciting marriage of skill. The Commander continues to go above and beyond, even when RL calls her, and in spite of it all, she serves faithfully! For her continued service to Zetari Station (and the UCIP Academy!) it is my pleasure to recommend her for promotion!"

Comment from Commodor Kaye during the Awards Ceremony:"Lieutenant Commander Akasy, front and center!"

"Tam," Juls said softly with a smile as the Hirumarian approached. "If it wasn't for your brave duties, I'm not sure what state we'd all be in now," she commented lightly, there was still an air of uncomfortableness with the recent events, at least as she'd seen. "For your never ending service to the station and her crew it is my pleasure to award you with the Sim Service Award, the Star Cross for Merit and the Preantares Ribbon."

The CO let the applause die down before handing the feline her boxes. "You can add those to the jacket later, but first," Juls nodded at Garth who handed over a smaller box, "since you arrived on Zetari, we knew that you would do great things -- and you have done nothing but meet our expectations. For your sacrificial attitude towards your duties, it is my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Commander." Carefully the CO removed the hollow pip and replaced it with one of solid gold.

StarDate 240912.18: Promoted to the position of Executive Officer by order of StarFleet Command.

This promotion happened without due pomp and ceremony, following the hasty departure of Rear Admiral Kaye and Commodore Triss, respectively the former CO and XO of the station. Rear Admiral Kaye was promoted as Ambassador somewhere in the Quadrant, while Commodore Triss resigned to follow his sister, who had been injured during an archaeological expedition and had to be sent to a specific facility in the core worlds, in the hope that she could fully recover.