Task Force 2.1

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Task Force 2.1
Task Force Basic Information
Area of Operations:

Beta, Delta Quadrants

Task Force Headquarters:

Starbase Versailles

Task Force Command Staff
Task Force Commanding Officer:
Task Force Executive Officer:
Appointment Pending


Task Force 2.1 other wise know as Bravo Task Force operates in the Beta Quadrant and Delta Quadrant. Currently it is made up of approximately 500 starships and 21 starbases and planetary outposts. It is also the political connection to the Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, Lyrans, Gorn, Louphomme and other Beta and Delta Quadrant governments.

The Task Force is the lead Task Force of the Second Fleet.

This task force no longer exist as of 2412.


In 2412, elements of Task Force 2.1 were folded into Task Force 1.1 and placed under the command of the Task Force Commanding Officer.

Task Force CO History