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This is an out of character article designed to aid with SIMulation management and log integrity

Due to the complex in character nature of the organisation a certain amount of flexibility is required with certain elements, such as technology, that are used within our SIMulations.

Because of this Memory Delta includes TechStatus information that helps you to understand how to best used the information contained in our databases.

The TechStatus entry (displayed on the top right bar of relevant articles) lets you know how and where you can use the information contained in the article.

Star Trek Canon:

The information in this article has been featured within a Star Trek series, movie or a publication accepted as canon and thus is automatically integrated as part of the established UCIP Star Trek Universe.

In some cases article content may be updated to more accurately reflect the time period of the UCIP Star Trek Universe, but these updates are only through canon means. (i.e. The content may be slightly different to what you may find in the Star Trek Encyclopedia or on Memory Alpha to account for the 30 or so years of extra time that UCIP has played out).

UCIP Canon:

The information in this article is fully accepted as part of the UCIP Star Trek Universe but is not canon Star Trek content.

This information will generally be acceptable across the entire division (and the Trek portions of the group) but in certain cases SIMulations may place restrictions upon this category of content to aid in developing the types of plot they require.


The information in this article is used specifically within the area of space, subfleet, branch or SIMulation mentioned within the article and is restricted to that usage. In certain cases it may be used elsewhere on a special approval basis.

For whatever reason the article content has been deemed unsuitable to enter the mainstream plot Universe and such content must not be used or promoted within wider plots outside of the specific areas of use.

Articles falling under this category will include content deemed to be on the edges of what is acceptable within the Star Trek genre.

Special Approval:

The information in this article is open for use within any subfleet, branch or SIMulation but requires further approval from the division leadership on a case by case basis.

This category may be include articles that are for technology or practices that support certain plot elements but are judged to be unsuitable to be the norm throughout the division.

In terms of technology this applies primarily to advanced weapons, propulsion and cloaking technologies that while may be justified for certain plot elements should not fall into common usage.


The information in this article is for reference purposes only as the content of it is not deemed acceptable for use within UCIP's Star Trek Universe at the present time.

This may include information about elements that will become accessible in the future or elements that were once used but have been retrospectively denied due to causing ill effects on the SIMming in the division.