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Tellarites are natives of the planet Tellus. They appear to have evolved from swine-like animals which are still native to that world.

Tellarites are basically humanoid, but with a pinker skin tone than human caucasians (due to higher blood pressure). They have more facial and body hair than humans, with hair covering all but the frontal face and hands. This hair is not thick, like animal fur, but is more reminiscent of a hairy human.

Their homeworld has a thinner atmosphere than Earth, leading to overdeveloped nasal openings, which have been compared to the snouts of Terran swine. Tellarites take immediate strong offense to such comparisons. They have better hearing than normal, and night vision.

Tellarites are racially suspicious, argumentative and brash, at least by Terran standards. Those who trust too much or give in too easily are considered weak fools in their society.

Tellarites, needless to say, make poor diplomats. They enjoy good arguments, and a merchant's bazaar on Tellus is a lively place.

Tellarites make good engineers, scientists and terraformers, and make excellent legal representatives. They prefer intellectual discourse to physical confrontation.

Tellarites are very fond of good food and drink - and a lot of it. Fortunately, alcohol has little adverse effect on them - it only makes them even more stubborn. Nevertheless, they are capable of going twice as long without food or water as the average Terran, since they carry an extra abdominal roll of fatty tissue. This abdominal tissue makes them look portly, but such is natural for a Tellarite, and they can, in extreme cases, live off of this fatty tissue for quite a while. Generally, though, they'd rather not skip meals.