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This is an infobox for details on the various simms in the fleet.


Cut and paste the following code into your article, then put the relevant specifications after the "=" signs. If no information is entered into a field then it will not appear.


Data fields

  • banner – put a link to the simms banner image.
  • image – put a link to the simms main image.
  • name – put the name of the simm.
  • class – put the class of the ship.
  • CO – put the CO's name.
  • XO – put the XO's name.
  • format – Simm format (PbEM, IRC, etc.)
  • status – Put the current status of the simm (ie. Active, LOA etc.)
  • active – put the date or year the simm became active
  • website – put the website address of the simm.