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No. The only problem is that it'll include the category, if the example is given, which I have been researching.

So, I'd suggest to check out the following pages.


That might help you fix the page up better, more like I do (I'm going by that page directly, you're not... Sorry, but you're misleading people with little to no help) and understand why == usage == and/or == description == is used, not === usage === . It's wikiedique that you don't do 3 of these -) = or not use it at all. If people try to use the template as is, they will be lost. It's not got a description of it...

In other words, it should be like this...

Example description of template here.

(Title, be it usage or description using only 2 -) of these on each side of the word)

Usage or description on how to use template here.

I run and have worked with wikipedia, wikis on wikia, wikis on curse, official wikis of other sites, even other game wikis. I'm only trying to be helpful and you seem to not respect my help claiming I break it, when I'm not. It's better to try to find out how to exclude categories and use the no include and onlyinclude and includeonly correctly. Thank you. Ariyen 23:36, 22 July 2012 (MDT)

First, let me say I welcome you help, however when you made those changes, the usages and everything else you put broke the coding for this and also placed the usage and other information on those pages that used the Template in question. My job is to ensure that nothing breaks on this wiki while also keeping everything is straigh. This template will be put on hold until I can find out why the systax is acting up when it not on other wikis that use this same formula. --Moss 15:36, 23 July 2012 (MDT)

No the coding was broken by using more than one template. Try http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Extension:ParserFunctions#.23time using that type time in your coding, instead of way more than one template. Using more than one template (I asked advice of other wiki gurus) is what breaks it and doesn't cause the template (as I used the right coding) to not be in the category. If using the #time format... instead of other templates, it would be excluded from the category when doing the example. Thank you. Ariyen 10:52, 24 July 2012 (MDT)

This templated is used on other Wikis and the only thing I changed was the -400 so that it would work. I not going to change anything since I know it works on other wikis.--Moss 13:50, 24 July 2012 (MDT)
saw that it works w/out example. Tells me something... thing is Most wikis that I mess with, give examples like http://guildwiki.org/Category:Templates/maths - these that use math. and if you're doing a future date... you'd need ones that'd do math and can also do examples. :-) Best thing to do is, I'd register there and ask the good old doc for help. or ask as an ip... He's fixed much on there and is a very smart person to have sysops on about 5 wikis or so. Ariyen 00:00, 30 July 2012 (MDT)

Suggested solution

I've created a version of these templates at User:Dr ishmael/Template:Birthdate and Age and User:Dr ishmael/Template:Age that avoid the display problems that this template currently has and, in addition, have much simpler code.

The biggest issues with the current template are A) it relies on too many auxiliary templates that aren't really necessary; and B) it tries to be waaaaay too flexible in terms of how parameters are passed in.

To fix the first one, I used the #time ParserFunction to handle all the date conversions - the only auxiliary template used now is {{age}}. For the second, I noticed that everywhere that this is currently used, you are only using unnamed parameters, so I simply left out the ability to pass named parameters.

Let me know if any of this doesn't meet what you need/expect from these templates. Dr ishmael 20:37, 7 August 2012 (MDT)