USS Griffin

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USS Griffin
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Welcome to the USS Griffin (NCC-19993-H) Part of the United Confederation of Interstellar Planets. The USS Griffin is a collaborative writing exercise, creating a full feature story in the Star Trek universe. We valuing quality, enthusiasm, realism and character development, and try to tell exciting stories through many points of view.


The USS Griffin is a Refit Nebula-class starship on general multi-type (Exploration, Defense, Diplomacy) duty in the Alpha Quadrant


The current USS Griffin-H is the 8th incarnation of the exploration ship. It is a refit Nebula-class class starship. Click here for full specs.

The ship has 30 decks. Click here for a full deck listing.

Current Crew Manifest

Player Characters

Command Crew

Commanding Officer R-o6.png Andrea Levine Mooeypoo
Executive Officer R-o5.png Rochelle Ivanova October

Ops Department

Chief Operations Officer Y-o4.png Aine DiAgessi Bandit

Engineering Department

Chief Engineering Officer Y-o3.png Johnathon Greymantl -

Security Department

Chief Security Officer Y-o2.png Amelia "Pond" Waterhouse Pond
Assistant Security Officer Y-o2.png Tea Black Aza

Science Department

Chief Science Officer T-blank1.png Vacant

Medical Department

Chief Medical Officer T-o4.png Ryan Rose DrRose
Counseling Officer T-o3.png Logan Grant spaceman

Special Assignment

R&D Officer Y-o6.png William Taggart Will