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Welcome to the Starfleet LCARS Database.

Starfleet is the In-Character Universe of UCIP. Our current sim year is 2422

Within Starfleet there is an assertive effort that ensures that favoritism is avoided, therefore positions are not granted on the Starfleet Command by who you know, but rather the quality of your application, and the skills you display. For it is the organization's intent that we have a reputation for fairness and equality to be in high regard all the way to the very top of the online simming community; that when someone asks about the organization, which focuses on fairness to all members, ours is the name that springs instantly to mind.

We at Starfleet believe that one of the best ways to keep consistency and high standards in role playing is to have a good source of reference and background information.

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The Phaser is the mainstay weapon of the Federation's Starfleet both as portable handheld weaponry as well as ship and station based weapons. It has been an important part of the Starfleet arsenal for two hundred years and continues today as a vital component of the weapons available to the organization. Read more.

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