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I am known on the KDFS IRC network as LewisSharp ever since I joined UCIP in 1998-1999. I have been on many simulation and some OOC position through the years. So, here is some information about myself and my UCIP career.

Real Life Information

  • Name: Luc (pronounced Luke in English)
  • Job: Programmer
  • Background: College degree in computer science
  • Hobbies:
    • Watching movies
    • Watching TV series, namely:
      • The Big Bang Theory
      • Falling skies
      • Hawai 5.0
      • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    • Programming, namelly:
      • ShipLCARS, mIRC version (Used for many SIMs)
      • ShipLCARS, Java version (Under development)
      • Web sites
    • Playing games, namely:
      • Counter-Strike: Global Strike
      • Battlefield 3
      • Minecraft
      • Star Trek Online
      • And a lot more games, when I have the time to play them...

UCIP Carrer

Previous Assignments

Rank Character SIM & Position
Captain Aramis Skylooker
Major Jack O'Neill
Commander Martouf Skylooker
  • USS Vindicator
    • Assistant Engineering Officer
    • Chief Engineering Officer
    • Executive Officer
Captain John Paris
  • USS Warrior
    • Assistant Engineering Officer
    • Chief Engineering Officer
    • Executive Officer
    • Commanding Officer
  • USS Griffin
    • Chief Engineering Officer
Major Ian Smith Carter
Commodore Lewis T. Sharp
  • USS Vindicator
    • Assistant Engineering Officer
  • USS Thunderchild
    • Chief Engineering Officer
  • UCIP Logistics
    • Deputy Diretor
  • UCIP Database|IT Service
    • Deputy Director
    • Director
Jedi Knight Norin Tans Ragnos
  • Star Wars Committee
    • Jedi / Academy Expert
    • Chairperson
Aprentice Aramis Rhade Katar
  • No simulation
    • No position
Ensign Paul McKussic
  • Battlestar Bellerophon
    • Chief Engineering Officer

OOC Awards and Commendations