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Alexander Potter
Biographical Information





October 27, 2374 (age: 46)

Physical Description

5' 8"


200 lbs.





Political Information

United Federation of Planets


USS Medusa

Played By:


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Alexander Potter is the Chief Medical Officer on the USS Medusa.


Father: Jonas Potter
Mother: Lexis Potter (nee Hope)

Character Traits


Its clear from the first time anyone meets Alexander that he puts his heart and soul into his duties. He has never been one to believe something can't be done.


Personal History

Alexander was born into a military family with his mother then-Captain Lexis Potter (née Hope) and then Assistance Deputy Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Jonas Potter. It was reported that the two knew each other from high school. Due to his parents' lives, Alexander was raised by his father's mother on the outskirts of Luna City. Growing up Shane rarely saw his father and mother due to their duties to the Federation, he only saw his father during holidays and his mother anytime she had leave.

At the age of ten, Alexander started paying attention any political events when he was free from his tutors, he was surrounded by Federation military personnel and got to know a lot of them at a young age. He was trained from a young age to enter Starfleet, and in 2392 he entered enlisted into the Starfleet Marines a few months into his training he was selected for Officer Candidate School (OCS).

During his training in OCS, Alex also attended John Hopkins Medical School, at the behest of his parents whom wished to see him further himself.

In his years as a Marine, Alexander tried to stay below the radar, but there always seemed to be a rule that where ever he was assigned, everything would go wrong. During his assignment to the USS Omega, the ship was disabled in a surprise pirate attack and boarded, he was in conflict with his training as a Marine and a Doctor when he was caused to take a life. At the half hour mark, Potter's unit was called into help help a Security detail protect the bridge. The resulting battle last another thirty-five minutes due to the fact that the crew had to climb ladders and crawl to reach places. The aftermath resulted in Shane getting promoted to First Lieutenant.

Two years later found Shane assigned to the SS Harvest as a Guard. The ship was a civilian transport. On March 2nd, 2398; Alexander was shot on a rescues ops where the Commander Jessica Williams was being held hostage. During the operation he took an incoming bullet that resulted in him getting left behind and capture by the Dominion Forces. He was a POW for nearly a year, while the Corp, his mother, his commander, and his father, worked on his freedom in politics and in battle. As a hostage, Alexander earned a scar on his chest when he was raped by two female captors.

He was never the same when he rejoined the Starfleet, it required a year of mental counseling when dealing with stress and his interactions with women except his mother, his aunts and female cousins. Alexander pleaded with his mother and father to allow him to return to active duty after reaching a comprising of making it his last tour of duty, if he had a breakdown.