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Personal Log
Archive Date: 241209.01

♥ 2012 ♥

Talk page rules:
  1. - If you want to first, do it on an original enjoyable way.
  2. - Please don't use personal attacks, either against me or anyone else.
  3. - Don't leave a post here concerning other sites as that's what my email is for.
  4. - Don't use E-mail this user concerning other sites (my email can be found).
  5. - Don't edit or delete comments, unless you spot a typo in your own message.
  6. - Always sign your posts, by using ~~~~! Ariyen

IF you're going to make changes to the Crazy Horse wiki page, please come and talk to me about them first, you said you would not be updating it, so please do not make changes without consulting me. Can you please REVERT the changes you made, Thanks, Mike.