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SD 241309.03

Greetings, On behalf of UCIP Command, I would like to take a moment to recognise someone who has been working in the background for UCIP for quite some time. Jim Scott, our Academy Commandant, has held his position now for longer than I can care to remember. He’s worked hard and devotedly for the Academy, putting in long hours to help revamp old courses, and recruiting a fresh new crop of instructors to keep our courses open. He does this, day in, day out, without asking for reward or notice. He’s become a part of the furniture, always taken for granted that he’s there, and that he’ll do great works. He’s always ready to provide advice to the senior staff on academy related matters, and never fails to support a student in need.

For all this, UCIP Services is proud to recognise Jim as a leading figure in UCIP, and as such, give him the recognition he deserves for this status. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Jim Scott is to be promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral, with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities therein.

Congratulations, Jim.

Regards, Commodore Aurora, Chief Of Staff, Office of the President


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