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Vulcans are natives of the planet Vulcan, known as T'Kashi to the natives. 40 Eridani is atriple star system comprised of a brilliant giant primary and two dwarfs, one red and one white. The giant primary, 40 Eridani A, is the only star of the group to support aClass M world. Vulcan is part of a double planet grouping that orbits 40 Eridani A. The other world, T'Khut, is a Class H planet that moves in a trojan relationship with Vulcan, in which both planets revolve around a common point. T'Khut is a monsterous sight in the Vuken sky. A virtual lifeless cauldron, its active volcanoes and dust storms are visible from the Vulccan surface. Terran astronomers later named the trojan pair after figures in Terran mythology, and the inhabitants of T'Khasi gracefully accepted the names of Vulcan and Charis as their official Federation designations. It is a world with minimal precipitation, a very hot climate, and a surface gravity of 1.8 G (T). It also has a thinner atmosphere than Earth.

The Vulcanoid species is the second most common in the known galaxy. They are an ancient, peaceful race, dedicated to logic, and have a strong sense of honor. They are socially incapable of outright lies or betrayal but will sometimes remain silent rather than express a truth that might prove injurious to others. Their devotion to logical thinking come as the result of near self-extermination in ancient times when the Vulcans were a hostile, warrior race whose lives were ruled by strong passions. Surak, the father of Vulcan logical thought, lived during the planet's last great wars. After both sides were devastated, Surak met with emissaries from both sides to establish a workable peace. The philosophy of logic eventually prevailed, and the planet of T'Khasi was finally united.

The Vulcan Science Academy, located in the city of ShiKahr, is one of the Federetion's foremost learning institutions. Several large port cities are located across Vulcan's vast land mass, which covers eighty-six percent of the planet. Vulcan's planetary system supports atotal population of 14.9 billion, and almost a fifth of those reside in the system's heavily industrialized asteroid belt.

Vulcan is a founding member of the United Federation of Planets and has contributed much to the growing body of Federation knowledge. Vulcan UFP representatives have settled many interplanetary disagreements, including those surrounding the admission of Coridan to the Federation.

Vulcans are genetically identical to the Romulans, since Romulans are an offshoot of the Vulcan race. The main differences between the two races is the Vulcan Devotion to Logic and the suppression of all forms of emotion from Vulcans.

Vulcans possess the capacity for mind-touch, a limited telepathic ability that allows them to share the thoughts and emotions of others. Its use, however, requires a lowering of strong personal barriers and serves only as e last resort when other forms of communication have feiled. Vulcans are taught most psionic disciplines from childhood, manifesting themselves primarily in the Vulcan Mind Meld. The Mind Meld is a telepathic power package consisting primarily of the skills Telesend and Telereceive.

Conditions on Vulcan have led to many physical advantages evolving over time. Enhanced Strength, and health help to combat the effects of the heavy gravity and ensure survival on a planet with an environment as demanding as Vulcan. Their Nictating Membranes allow for near instantaneous adjustments to varying degrees of light, and Vulcans do not feel uncomfortable in climates that would be too hot for Terrans. In order to compensate for the decreased distances in hearing ranges, Vulcans have evolved pointed ears, designed to channel more sound waves into the ear canal.

The average lifespan of Vulcans is roughly double that of Terrans. A good example: the honored Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan was born in 2165, and lived 203 years, until his death in 2368. This may not be normal either, due to the fact that Sarek secretly suffered from a debilitating disease which may have caused premature death.

Vulcans are devoted to increasing their mental capacity by controlling their inner actions. To this end, they dedicate their lives to the suppression of emotions and devotion to total logic. Despite Vulcan's founding role in the UFP, there exists a substantial segment of Vulcan society which is extremely isolationistic and wants to have Vulcan free of interaction with "illogical" beings.

Vulcans do not naturally lack emotions; this is a discipline taught starting at the very youngest ages. A few Vulcans, most notably Spock's half-brother Sybok, have given up the devotion to logic in pursuit of other goals that can only come from being an emotional entity. Vulcan's wish to give up all emotions and clear their mental faculties so that they may pursue every matter from the perspective of pure logic. Half-Vulcans generally have a harder time keeping control under moments of duress. Vulcans with the devotion to logic are immune to fear, insults, and all other such attacks.

Vulcans can remember highly detailed information about events, people, and places they encountered during their life. Vulcans can do complex calculations in their minds, and analyze almost any mathematical equation with ease. Vulcans can control their metabolism through concentration. They can even put themselves into a trance-like state, which acts as sort of a mental vacation. This trance can also be used by Vulcans to accelerate their own healing processes.

Pon Farr

This represents the Vulcans' link to their mates. Once every seven years, Vulcans must return home to take a mate (or rejoin one already taken). This drive is very strong, and cannot be resisted long. There is little to no information about this in any medical or Xenology database. It is something that is only known to Vulcans, and it is an extremely private matter for Vulcans and there for it is rarely ever discussed with off-worlders, and if so, with the stringent request not to discuss it with anyone else.

Vulcan Mind-Meld

This skill effectively links two minds together and allows one to search the other's motives, memories, etc. After the initial contact, two willing people may freely exchange memories, information, and feelings. Under these circumstances, the mind-meld causes no stress or loss of fatigue.

Vulcan Nerve Pinch

The purpose of the attack is to render a humanoid unconscious by doing as little true damage as possible. To attack with this skill, an attack must be made at the defender's neck. If the attack is successful, the defender will fall unconscious for 5-15 minutes.