Zivit Agron

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Zivit Agron
Biographical Information







2385 (age 36)

Physical Description

5' 11"


145 lbs


Sliver Blonde


Deep Emerald Green

Political Information



USS Crazy Horse


Commanding Officer

Played By:


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  • Parents
    • Father: Agron
    • Mother: Heruta

Physical Description

Large, slightly wide-set eyes, give the impression of being perpetually startled; in a triangular face possessing a narrow, delicately pointed chin, fine bone structure and rosebud lips. Where a nose should be, is a flat space, perforated by 4 small holes, centered between her eyes. Tall and lean, she has a boyish physique, though manages to make it look elegant and graceful, favoring long, flowing clothing when not in uniform or on duty. Silvery hair reaches near to the floor when loose, though it is typically woven into a long braid or piled into an intricate bun.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Generally a sweet and approachable personality, heartily splashed with care-taker tendencies. Zivit is a kind soul, and has trouble being harsh, even when the situation calls for such measures; though does have the ability to be rather cutting when backed into a corner. Friendly and soft spoken, she goes out of her way to be cordial even to those not well known, unless given reason not to. Pacifistic leanings tend to often put her at odds with much of what she encounters in the wider world, though experiences have not yet managed to dampen her relatively innocent and gentle spirit.

Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Strengths:
    • Empathetic, Caring, Strives to help others, Mediator, Strong survival instincts
  • Weaknesses:
    • Can be flighty
    • Rather naive
    • Takes offense relatively easily
    • Tendency to not cope well with dire/trying situations


  • To one day return as an Envoy to her people, and bring them up to speed with the rest of the universe; preferably to start up some sort of school, whether on Valzhan itself or on a nearby Starbase.
  • Surviving her tenure in Starfleet.

Hobbies & Interests

Plants, meditation, pottery/ceramics, painting, dabbling in various other arts and crafts, psychology


Personal History

Valzhan being a peaceful, reclusive planet, whose people cherished family, tradition and spirituality, it was almost unheard of for one of their own to venture into the greater scope of space. Crime and violence we nearly unheard of, most people still choosing to live in loosely related clans than in the larger cities, where most of what technology they did posses resided.

Enduring a 3-year imprisonment at the hand of a sadistic psychopath that was supposed to be her husband; nearly dying and losing an unborn child in the process, a 19-year-old Zivit found herself in the care of a Starfleet Starbase. Needing to heal and understand the tragedy surrounding her circumstance, combined with an inherent curiosity led the woman to pursue studies of a Psychological/Sociological bent, quickly earning herself both a degree and a new place to call home. At least for a little while.

Trauma still too fresh to the memory, she could no bring herself to return to her home planet. Intrigued by the vast amount of opportunity to explore, and study numerous other races, it was almost a given that she join Starfleet. Also, in some small testament to the people, and organization she felt she had to thank for her continued survival.

Near immediate upon graduation, the fresh-faced and newly christened Counselor found herself posted to the USS Crazy Horse.

Service Record

  • 4-yrs Psychology degree
  • 4-yrs Starfleet Academy